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Big Data & AI Leaders Summit

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore


Join us at this years most engaged and informed Big Data & AI event in Singapore. Here you can learn from the likes of Drive AI, and knowledge share with companies such as Alibaba and put your self on the forefront of the latest industry discussions.

The Big Data & AI Leaders Summit will offer an in-depth overview of future trends in the artificial intelligence landscape and real-world big data user cases to enhance your understanding what is the future of Big Data and how Artificial Intelligence is impacting your industry and create opportunities for new growth.

Topics to Covered at this years Big Data & AI Leaders Summit

  • Going Deep With AI: How Deep Learning Will Disrupt Business Analytics
  • Data, Analytics And The Search For "Brand Safety"
  • Chatbots an the future of Customer Intelligence
  • Implementing Data Analytic Strategies
  • Does AI Provide A Competitive Advantage For Businesses?
  • Real World Applications of Machine Intelligence

And more to be added...

How we Support Your Leadership Growth

  • Secure your place amongst leading organisations with Big Data & AI
  • Grasp new skills and technologies that project opportunities for new growth
  • Learn directly from data and AI experts from global leading organisations in an intimate setting
  • Manage your Big Data future and AI development from a strategic angel
  • Progress your business through networking and collaborating with scientists, technology leaders and senior executives
  • Strengthen professional performance and obtain certificate for professional excellence

What to expect


Our agendas consist of global and regional leading experts, curating talks on the latest hot topics and allowing you to understand the key take-aways from any presentation.


An exclusive event that boasts various activities for in-depth learning, experience sharing and effective networking, including keynotes, presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and much more.


A strict vendor and industry ratio control to avoid sales pitches and focus on real learnings and the exchange of relevant and effective knowledge.


A cross-industry mix of speakers and attendees to learn, network and collaborate through various interactive social sessions, including social breaks, buffet lunches, cocktail reception and Executive Dinner.


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Our Big Data & AI leaders have helped in putting together this years thought-provoking agenda!

Day 1


Chairperson Overview

Innovating with AI in Singapore

Sengmeng leads strategic alliance for AI Singapore – the national AI program office of Singapore. He will share details of the national program AI Singapore - the new $150M investment into AI by the Singapore government.

by Deputy Director, Strategic Alliances,AI Singapore

Intelligent Automation: Synergies between Robotic Process Automation & AI

The "intelligent automation journey" framework describes four main generations of robots that companies are implementing, their characteristics and associated benefits. It is more logical to deploy the robot generations in a sequential order, starting from generation one to four (e.g., implementing traditional RPA before implementing the next ones). In doing so, companies will be able to avoid experiencing the “empty shell effect.” Above all, to create a maximum of value out of this journey, effective interactions between the generations of robots need to be implemented. New generations are not meant to replace existing ones, but instead, they are to work hand-in-hand. We have identified that these interactions create synergies, where each generation will add value beyond its single intended benefit.

by Leader for Robotic Process Automation & AI,EY

How Big Data is Shaping the Healthcare Industry

Miao will share how big data is shaping the healthcare industry based on her extensive IT Management experience from Strategy and Planning, Program Management, Project Delivery, Delivery Management, Business Systems Management and so forth.

by VP & Chief Information Officer, ASPAC,Johnson & Johnson

AM Coffee Break

Drive.AI Strategy and AI Infrastructure is a Silicon Valley start-up founded by former lab mates out of Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. is building the brain of the self-driving vehicle. On June 27, the AI pioneer and world renowned deep learning expert and entrepreneur Andrew Ng has joined the’s Board of Directors.

by a Co-Founder,Drive.AI

AI and the Future of Business

Daniel will outline a framework for understanding data-driven decision making. He will discuss what AI is and is not, as well as identifying the future challenges and opportunities for AI, and how and why enterprise needs to embrace these emerging technologies.

by Director, Business Analytics MSc,UCL

Deep Ice-breaking - Get Ready for the AI Challenges

In this session delegates will be reshuffled into new groups for a deep ice-breaking. The following activities will be arranged to facilitate the networking: - Snowball Challenge - Get Ready for the AI Challenges


How AI and Machine Learning are Disrupting Corporate Banking

In this presentation Sreeram will share ANZ’s own journey to AI & Big Data adoption.

by Chief Operating Officer,ANZ

Applying Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Giants in retail are starting to incorporate machine learning algorithms across the business, from internal applications such as driver routing to customer facing apps like integration. Binoo will introduce the use cases of AI technologies in the retail industry and explore why it is important to create a data loop.

by Head of Information Technology,Tesco

PM Coffee Break

Harnessing Big Data & Machine Learning into Advanced Analytics

This session will present Tetra Pak’s journey harnessing big data and machine learning into its advanced analysis. It shows how certain BI development was transferred into the Business and how it is supported in a sustainable way. The audience will learn how Tetra Pak defines TDD, establishes the process and identifies the benefits, as well as how TDD is rolled out into the business. The session will highlight how the BI Learning Strategy supports the deployment of TDD and how user engagement was achieved.

by Senior Area Manager, Business Information Management,Tetra Pak

Panel Discussion: What intelligent machines means for the future of financial and banking industries?

Interested in joining the panel discussion and share with us your insights? Please contact Pearl Cheng at for the speaking opportunities.

Panel Speakers include:
- Executive Director, Group Technology,UOB
- Head of FinTech & Data, Singapore Exchange (SGX)
- Chief Information Officer,BNP Paribas

Networking Drinks

Executive Dinner

Day 2


Chairperson Overview

The Analytics (R) evolution

In this presentation Arun will cover the following topic: - State of evolution of analytics. - How analytics can solve fresh challenges where business models are being disrupted.

by Arun Sundar, Chairman of Asia Analytics Alliance,ACCA

Unblocking Insights from User Behaviour Data

Dr. Li is a seasoned technology leader with 15+ years experience of applying machine learning and data mining to real world problem, leveraging big data in a variety of areas including structure and unstructured search, rank and relevance, behavioural targeting and online advertising, retails and marketing, and risk management etc.

by Chief Data Officer, Umeng+,Alibaba

AM Coffee Break

What the Healthcare Industry needs to successfully leverage Big Data?

The healthcare industry is facing a multitude of challenges. New diseases are emerging daily, and they are no longer confined by geographical boundaries. The rapidly aging population is also another cause for concern especially in Asia. However, the cure to today’s healthcare challenges no longer rests only on the shoulders of healthcare practitioners. Keynote speaker, Julie Olszewski, shares insights into the trends of the healthcare industry. She will touch on the challenges of today’s healthcare industry and how big data and analytics are key to overcoming them. Delegates will also gain an understanding of how different sectors can leverage data to improve patient care, medical manufacturing, clinical trials, and disease prevention.

by Executive Director, Singapore IT Hub, MSD

Artificial Intelligence – The New Fuel for Innovative and Smart Engineering

You have heard much buzz regarding the exploitation of big data and AI in the financial, commercial and retail industries as well as smart nation initiatives. What is perhaps less visible is the importance data analytics and artificial intelligence are playing in a less glamorous field – engineering. In this talk, I will share Rolls-Royce’s experiences in exploiting digital capabilities across our businesses and across the product life cycle of design, manufacturing, operations and maintenance.

by Chief of Computational Engineering, Rolls-Royce

AI Roadmap for Digital and Industrial Transformation

Quy-Doan is the Chief Information Officer supervising Global Markets and Treasury Technology at APAC, BNP Paribas. He will present about what intelligent machines mean for the future of financial and banking industries.

by Chief Information Officer, Global Markets,BNP Paribas

Key Takeaways - The Trends of AI Technologies in Next Five Years

In this session, our AI visionaries from the China, US and UK will be invited back to the stage to share their observation and prediction on the development and trends of AI technologies in Next Five Years. Ready to take notes as the key takeaways from this summit and prepare yourself for the next wave of industrial evolution.


Deep Imaging: Quantitative Biomarkers for Clinical Decision Making

The transformation towards value-based healthcare needs inventive ways to lower cost and increase patient health outcomes. Artificial Intelligence is vital for realizing value-based care. Turning medical images into biomarkers helps to increase effectiveness of care. In this presentation, Joerg will introduce how AI helps to increase diagnostic accuracy, drives efficiency and productivity by enabling automation and standardization, and the transformation from traditional machine learning to deep learning. The use cases in healthcare also can lend insights to AI applications in other business sections.

Global Product Manager,Siemens

The rise of AI Chatbots

For this talk, David will be sharing various approaches of building an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot with Deep Learning techniques. At the same time, he would present a comparison between the approaches. He would also talk about the challenges to build, launch and maintain a chatbot, especially in the financial service industry.

by Chief Data Scientist,Pand.AI

PM Coffee Break

Healthcare Data Science

Lawrence is an innovator and strategist in data science and artificial intelligence. He leads and mentors data scientists, co-creating AI solutions in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services and cybersecurity.

by Chief Data Scientist,Zuellig Pharma

Big Data in Smart Cities - Making the Invisible Visible

The idea of a Smart City is a not a new one. Early attempts at creating a centrally-managed, connected urban center date back a couple decades. Yet, the meaning and scale and complexity of Smart Cities have radically changed since the idea first took flight, not least because disruptive technologies have enabled brand new applications. At the core of every modern metropolis now sits a central question: what data can be generated across large urban areas, and how can it be harnessed to realize the dream of a truly Smart City? Brice Richard, lead Digital Planner for ARUP Singapore, will explore these questions.

Director, Smart Cities,ARUP

End of the Summit

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel,
320 Orchard Road,

Brilliant living and event experiences await you at the award-winning Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Forward Leading has negotiated a preferential room rate at the venue of SG$ 320 per night for your stay. To book a room simply follow the Special Reservation Link


Tickets are limited. Be sure to sign up today and join 100 thought-leaders within the AI and Big Data space.