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CXO Master Class - Cyber Security


Corporate boards and senior management teams are facing increasingly powerful aggressors within cyberspace, now more than ever. With the explosive growth of mobile endpoints and online traffic, a frightening range of threats like fraud, identity theft, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, service disruption, blackmailing physical attack have already been in the way of company’s stability and continuity. The CXO Master Class - Cyber Security aims to offer a tailored and exclusive learning and networking experience under this pressing topic by the C-suite executives and for the C-suite executives. It will present six cyber and information security officers as keynote speakers from top companies. A strict 1:5 speaker-audience ratio will be sure to maximise your learning and networking experience so as to keep up with the ever changing information security world. ________________________________________________________________________________ **Topics to be Covered at the CXO Master Class - Cyber Security** The CXO Master Class - Cyber Security will bring leading cyber security experts & security officers from top corporates and C-level executives of companies large and small together to discuss the questions of the day: - How you create self awareness around cyber security within your organisation? - What suggestions you would give on protecting corporate systems, communications and information (including customer data) from cyber adversaries? - Overcoming structural constraints of time, talent and money to foster system resilience and reduce risk? - How to build and deliver a comprehensive business-enabling security strategy / program? - How to foster an information security-conscious culture? - How to build a pragmatic cyber security framework that are compliant with local law and guidelines? - What are the challenges and opportunities brought up by Artificial Intelligence to cyber security? ________________________________________________________________________________ ##How we Support Your Leadership Growth - **Secure** your place amongst leading organisations with Cyber Security - **Grasp** new knowledge, skills and technologies that is tailored for C-level executives - **Learn** directly from Cyber Security experts in an intimate and exclusive setting - **Manage** your Cyber Security development from a strategic angel - **Progress** your business through networking and collaborating with security scientists, technology leaders and other peer C-suite leaders - **Strengthen** professional performance and explore opportunities project for new growth

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CXO Digital Marketing Forum


The role of marketing is still an evolving function. We are all competing on our customer’s experience, building long term brand loyalty and creating successful conversion metrics to increase our marketing value. Marketing leaders are now tasked with building out the framework that enhances and improves engagement metrics to inevitably support business growth. This summit will delve into the marketing leadership, how to utilise new technologies, innovations and how to drive the business towards a customer centric approach. What expertise are required within marketing leadership to create successful infrastructure, build a forward thinking team, and lead the management team into marketing based decisions. ##Why Attend? Join us as we host a day of learning with the top minds within marketing and hear from CMO’s who will share their stories of success and leadership, exchange insights and begin to answer today’s challenges within the marketing landscape that continues to be diverse. The **CXO Digital Marketing Forum** will offer an in-depth overview of future trends within the digital marketing landscape and real-world marketing user case studies to enhance your understanding. We look to what the future of digital marketing is and how it is impacting your industry and creating opportunities for new growth. ________________________________________________________________________________ ##For your leadership growth - **Secure** your place at the forefront of the latest marketing trends and technology - **Grasp** new skills that support your opportunities for new digital growth - **Learn** directly and intimately from digital and marketing experts within leading global organisations - **Manage** your business strategy through learning and understanding new digital opportunities - **Progress** your business with networking and collaborating with technology leaders and senior executives - **Strengthen** professional performance and obtain a certificate for professional excellence ________________________________________________________________________________

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Big Data & AI Leaders Summit


Join us at this years most engaged and informed Big Data & AI event in Australia. Here you can learn from the AI technology forerunners and knowledge share with companies who are leading the evolution of big data in their daily operations and put your self on the forefront of the latest industry discussions. The Big Data & AI Leaders Summit will offer an in-depth overview of future trends in the artificial intelligence landscape and real-world big data user cases to enhance your understanding what is the future of Big Data and how Artificial Intelligence is impacting your industry and create opportunities for new growth. ________________________________________________________________________________ **Topics to Covered at this years Big Data & AI Leaders Summit** - Going Deep With AI: How Deep Learning Will Disrupt Business Analytics - Data, Analytics And The Search For "Brand Safety" - Chatbots an the future of Customer Intelligence - Implementing Data Analytic Strategies - Does AI Provide A Competitive Advantage For Businesses? - Real World Applications of Machine Intelligence And more to be added... ________________________________________________________________________________ ##How we Support Your Leadership Growth - **Secure** your place amongst leading organisations with Big Data & AI - **Grasp** new skills and technologies that project opportunities for new growth - **Learn** directly from data and AI experts from global leading organisations in an intimate setting - **Manage** your Big Data future and AI development from a strategic angel - **Progress** your business through networking and collaborating with scientists, technology leaders and senior executives - **Strengthen** professional performance and obtain certificate for professional excellence ________________________________________________________________________________

Can’t experience FLCC Forum and Leading Summit series? The ForwardLeading Experience is designed for global audiences to hear innovative ideas and learn impressive techniques. We offer unique sessions for nonmembers to see why others have taken the commitment to join the FLCC and the benefits its can bring to you daily, as well as providing continual content to our existing members.

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This intimate senior executive gathering of the ForwardLeading C-Club (FLCC) members is the must-attend insightful event for C-suite executives seeking ways to continue their professional success. Each speaker will provide unique insight into their industry and field helping to support the audience in understanding the key take aways of the day. Typically held at luxury and exclusive hotels, this meeting allows attendees to relax and enjoy a perfect mix of business understanding and progression tied nicely with intimate social interaction.

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Our Leading Summit’s will cover the most sought-after topics like AI & data integration, digital marketing, and effective innovation. We bring together pioneers from multiple industries to create a learning environment and thought-provoking experience. On attending the summit attendees can learn from top level speakers, understand industry trends and share their own experiences to further their knowledge, understanding and personal network.

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