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Embracing Disruption: How to remodel a legacy brand to thrive

Building A Customer-centric Organisation using Digital as the Enabler

Winning in Digital

Reshaping Marketing - How to Inspire B2B Sales Acceleration with Insight Marketing

Great stories: why they matter and how to tell them

Data Science for Healthcare

Retail use case for ML & AI

Intelligent Automation: Synergies between Robotic Process Automation & AI

Quantitive biomarker for clinical decision making

What the healthcare industry needs to successfully leverage big data

The Analytics (R)evolution

Harnessing Big Data and Machine Learning into Advanced Analytics

User behaviour data is a gold mine

Corporate and institutional banking

The Rise of AI Chatbots

How artificial intelligence and machine learning are disrupting corporate banking

What is artificial intelligence

Who is the new consumer and how to address their needs

Building a committed and passionate digital audience

AI and the Future of Business

Strategic Challenges: The Confluence of Business, Technology and Marketing

Personalized Storytelling in the Age of Content Overload

Human Brands in the Digital Era

Curiosity – StarHub’s Digital and Social Analytics Hub

Digital-Industrial Transformation

How data is reshaping smart cities

Personalised storytelling in the age of content overload

The confluence of business, marketing, and technology

Another Secret Garden in Social Media: the Chinese Market

Stories. Why They Work and How to Tell Them?

The Development of A Mighty Bank

Innovating with AI in Singapore

Panel Discussion: The Story of Digital Transformation

Drive.AI Strategy and AI Infrastructure