Singapore Event Highlights 2018

Boston Event Highlights 2018

Sydney Event Highlights 2018

Relaunching the UBS Brand

Time Series Forecasting Using Recurrent Neural Network and Vector Autoregressive Model: When and How

Driving Impact with Digital Marketing

Data Trusts: Research Engineering Challenges

Symbolic and Subsymbolic AI for Sentiment Analysis

Why Everyone Should Care About Nature: How A Billion People Can Make a Difference By 2020

Modernizing Food Preparation with Artificially-Intelligent Robotic Systems

How to Innovate and Scale Your Social Media

Celebrity and Influencer Social Marketing

World AI at Facebook

Designing and Deploying AI Solutions in Real-World Industrial Settings

Workshop: The Ethics of AI

Artificial Intelligence in Decision Analytics

Big Data and Machine Learning with Google

Leading a Data Team that Supports the Business into a Cohesive Data-driven Unit

Marketing in the Vertical Revolution

SEO vs Storytelling

The Digital War in China, and the Opportunity for Australians

Conscious Communications - leveraging value from purpose-driven content

Football’s Mobile Transformation and how it is Opening New Growth Opportunities

The Intersection of Behaviour and Technology

Embracing Disruption: How to remodel a legacy brand to thrive

Digital Marketing in B2B: 5 Things to Start Doing Today

The Importance of Connecting Brands/Consumers to Culture, and the Role Music Plays Within This

The Transformation of the Game World Through Marketing

Belt & Road Initiative Meets Affiliate Marketing

Creating the Talent You Need to Succeed in Digital

The Ins & Outs of Social Media Marketing

Talks Leveraging WeChat from B2B Content Marketing to Transactions

Digitally Activating Purpose

Driving Business Impact with Social Media

Influencer Marketing: The Good, The Bad, The Profitable

How to Grow Your Business Without Having to Spend So Much Money on Ads

Cutting-Edge Information Technologies Driven Population Genomics

How to Make Your Organisation More Customer Centric by Interrogating Social Intelligence

Cross-Model Understanding for Cognitive Robots

Data Mining and Cloud Computing Accelerate Drug Discovery

Tropical Storm Impact Analysis – Power Distribution System

Artificial Intelligence and Human-Centred Design

AI Revolution in the Semiconductor Industry

How Blockchain Will Disrupt the Real Estate Industry

TVB's Big Data Journey - Data Science in Production

AI at OPPO - The Next Edge

Unify your analytics experience and break the barriers to faster insights with Alteryx

Panel Discussion: From Big Data to Intelligent Data

Research Engineering at the Alan Turing Institute

Why Data Storytelling is the Future for Marketers

Developing an AI Strategy - Turning Conversations into Conversions

The Seamless Journey of Omnichannel Marketing

Making the Right Culture and Strategy for ML/AI Transformation

AR/VR in Blended Learning

Building a Truly Data Driven Culture - The Ingredients

Augmenting Machine Learning in Asset Reliability

Improving Our Air Through Bits & Bytes

Transforming Big Data Into Actionable AI

From Supervised Learning to Transfer Learning

Jaw-Dropping Real World Applications of Data Science

Unify Your Analytics Experience and Break the Barriers to Faster Insights with Alteryx

Blockchain, AI & Opportunities in the New Data Economy

Building Blocks for a Successful AI Roll-Out

Content and the Customer Journey

B2B Marketing Strategy for Launching Amazon in India

Bayesian Inference: Better Decision Making With Small Data

Artificial Intelligence in Capital Markets

The Great Conundrum of Hyperparameter Optimization

Accelerating the Value of Data

Investment Decisions : Creating A Competitive Edge Using Big Data & Machine Intelligence

Using Open Source in Finance

Leading a Team in the Digital Age

Understanding the Customer Journey

Case Study: Are the Most Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns the Most Expensive?

Growth Hacking Deconstructed

Content Marketing: The Evolution of Storytelling

Artificial Emotional Intelligence: The Thoughtful Integration of A.I. into Human Society

Design Thinking and Machine Learning

AI Research, Development and Regulation

Bots for Enterprise Productivity

Panel Discussion: Turning Users Into Customers

Fireside Chat: Artificial Tech, Intelligent Women

Panel Discussion: Growth Marketing

The Future of Content Marketing is Now: Build an Emotional Brand by Powering Your Stories With a Digital Mindset

Understanding Social Signals for Better Creative Storytelling

Brand Development in the Electronics Industry

The Lean Startup Method and AI Products

Methodologies on Building Fault-Resilient Machine Learning Pipelines

Machine Learning the Future at HP

Unity of Opposites For Machine Learning in Financial Services

AI Platforms and the Next Age of Computing

How the Revolution in Understanding Brains Can Revolutionise AI

Automating Automation with Really Useful Machine Learning

AI and Chatbots at Ford

Microsoft’s Vision for AI and Knowledge

Does Content Quality Matter?

AI in Digital Marketing

Humanizing Digital Behaviour

Iconic Brands

Data Analytics: Investigations and Storytelling

Digital Advertising: A Higher Education Case Study

The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing: Leveraging TV to Find Audiences

Workshop: How the Revolution in Understanding Brains Can Revolutionize AI

When chatbots go beyond customer service

How to Create Data Driven Customer Eco System

Building an Advanced Analytics Function and Platform

Delivering Business Value using AI and Data Science in Insurance Context

Panel Discussion: Does AI provide a competitive advantage for business?

Data Governance: from Inception to Implementation

Why Facebook Messenger is the Next Big Marketing Channel

AIVA, the AI Composing the Music of the Future

Applied Data Science in the Business World

Big Data Analytics meets the Blockchain

Complexity, Connectedness and Meaning: New Directions in Data Analytics for the ABS

Creating Data Driven Customer Ecosystem

The Challenge of Building Data Products - Sportsbet Examples

Analytics and Management Decision Making

Hacking the Universe

Disruptive technology: Using Quantum Computers to do Machine Learning

Panel Discussion - Everything we want to know about Content Marketing

Measuring ROI

How To Get A 1,000X ROAS (return on ad spend) Using Facebook Chatbots

Growing marketing ROI by working across the whole business

Developing Digital Communities

Creating Data Driven Customer Eco System

The Clash of Simple & Smart

Unlocking Customer Service Excellence via eLearning & Incentivisation

Panel - Creating Success within Omni-Chanel Marketing

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