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The Intersection of Behaviour and Technology

Football’s Mobile Transformation and how it is Opening New Growth Opportunities

Conscious Communications - leveraging value from purpose-driven content

Panel - Creating Success within Omni-Chanel Marketing

Unlocking Customer Service Excellence via eLearning & Incentivisation

The Clash of Simple & Smart

The Digital War in China, and the Opportunity for Australians

SEO vs Storytelling

Marketing in the Vertical Revolution

Creating Data Driven Customer Eco System

Developing Digital Communities

Growing marketing ROI by working across the whole business

How To Get A 1,000X ROAS (return on ad spend) Using Facebook Chatbots

Measuring ROI

Panel Discussion - Everything we want to know about Content Marketing

Disruptive technology: Using Quantum Computers to do Machine Learning

Hacking the Universe

Leading a Data Team that Supports the Business into a Cohesive Data-driven Unit

Analytics and Management Decision Making

Big Data and Machine Learning with Google

The Challenge of Building Data Products - Sportsbet Examples

Creating Data Driven Customer Ecosystem

Complexity, Connectedness and Meaning: New Directions in Data Analytics for the ABS

Delivering Business Value using AI and Data Science in Insurance Context

Big Data Analytics meets the Blockchain

Applied Data Science in the Business World

AIVA, the AI Composing the Music of the Future

Artificial Intelligence in Decision Analytics

Why Facebook Messenger is the Next Big Marketing Channel

Workshop: The Ethics of AI

Data Governance: from Inception to Implementation

Panel Discussion: Does AI provide a competitive advantage for business?

Delivering Business Value using AI and Data Science in Insurance Context

Building an Advanced Analytics Function and Platform

How to Create Data Driven Customer Eco System

When chatbots go beyond customer service