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Cookies are small text files which are downloaded to your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit a website or application. The website or application may retrieve these cookies from your web browser (eg Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) each time you visit, so they can recognise you, remember your preferences and provide you with a more secure online experience.

Generally, cookies are very useful and are a common method used by almost every website you visit because they help to make your online experience as smooth as possible. For security reasons, many websites will not function at all without the use of cookies (or other similar technologies, such as "web beacons" or "tags").

Cookies generally do not hold any information to identify an individual person, but are instead used to identify a browser on an individual machine.

If you prefer, you can restrict, block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings but that may mean that the website won't work properly

For more information about cookies and their impact on you and your browsing visit aboutcookies.org.

Forward Leading

Cookies sets directly by our website.

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
_forward-leading_session Session cookie Session
cookie_consent Remembers the consent given by a user 90 days


Third party cookies

We carefully choose our marketing partners, analytics and service providers to ensure you to get the best experience. Although they can set cookies on our website when performs services for us. Below you can see a non-exhaustive list of our partners cookies sets on our site together with an information why we cooperate with them. To read more and find all cookies sets by our partners please click on the name of the partner, you will be redirected to his official Cookie Policy page.

Google Analytics

Provides us marketing analytics.

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
_ga Used to distinguish users 2 years
_gid Used to distinguish users 24 hours
_gat Used to throttle request rate 1 minute



Powers our email newsletter signup.

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
__hstc The main cookie for tracking visitors 2 years
hubspotutk This cookie is used for to keep track of a visitor's identity 10 years
__hssc This cookie keeps track of sessions 30 minutes
__hssrc Whenever HubSpot changes the session cookie, this cookie is also set Session
messagesUtk This cookie is used to recognize visitors who chat with you via the messages tool



Allows us to perform usability testing on the site.

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
_hjIncludedInSample Set to let Hotjar know whether that visitor is included in the sample which is used to generate funnels 1 year



Allow us to host videos.

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
__distillery Use this to identify a visitor on the site and track watched videos 1 year



Allows us to monitor site performance and fix bugs.


Allows us to take payments.


Allows us to handle booking event tickets

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