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We recently had an interview with Conan Kou, Group Corporate Affairs - Content & Channels at Jardine Matheson to help attendees gain a more clear agenda of the upcoming event Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Hong Kong 2019. Conan has around 10 years of working experience in the Media and Digital Mar-Com industry. Prior to joining Jardines, Conan worked at InterContinental Hong Kong, focusing on Digital Marketing & E-commerce management. He also worked at digital marketing agency before, focusing on SEO & Content Marketing projects with different sectors for clients.
Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your role at Jardine Matheson?
I am Assistant Manager at Group Corporate Affairs – Content & Channels at Jardine Matheson. My role is to oversee the Digital Market & Communication Strategy for Group Corporate Affairs, from providing Corporate Digital Mar/Com Governance & Advisory to implement Digital Marketing / Communications Strategy & Data Analytics in group level. Based on this, I always collaborated with other division of Group Corporate Affairs like internal & external communication team for optimizing their digital communication strategy on their campaign.
Before working for Jardine Matheson, you gained notable achievements during your time at Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG). Can you tell us more about the marketing strategies that you implemented to achieve this success?
When I worked for IHG, I assisted InterContinental Hong Kong to increase their revenue by digital marketing strategy. We realised that IHG is in a well-known branding around the world. So the digital marketing mission is not only keeping the brand awareness as the core, but also increases the hotel’s revenue by digital marketing campaign to build the comprehensive e-commerce mechanism.
In order to increase the revenue by establishing from Digital Marketing Strategy to E-commerce revenue, there were 3 phases to do:
  • Digital estate – Revamp website, e-shop; Enhance social media channels; Build up marketing automation tools and CRM database.
  • Digital Marketing/Communications Strategy – Define marketing campaign objective, targeting audience & channels, content scale, paid ad structure and UX/UI of each touchpoint; Make sure all the marketing campaign flow is from distribution to ROI.
  • Performance Data analytics – Optimise the following campaign based on the performance data we got.
Base on this 3 phase strategy, InterContinental Hong Kong had around 15M additional revenue in first year of this strategy implement.
Do you consider content marketing strategies to be long-term, short-term or a hybrid?
I believe content marketing strategy is hybrid, rather than long-term or short-term.
For long-term like the purpose on branding side, it must need to keep your content in long-term and consistency, to show how’s your company’s personality in the brand, as well as to increase the correct perception to public, customers and audiences.
For short-term, it is good to launch an impressive content for making noise around the customers. It is very common being used in product marketing part, not only showing the brand element in the content, but also showing how’s amazing in your product and services to your customers in order to increase the revenue.
In your opinion, what are the most effective components of a successful content marketing strategy? Is there anything you think companies may fail to consider?
Pinpoint the purpose of your content and Create a content editorial calendar are the most effective components of a successful content marketing strategy. In this competitive market, we have the basic concept that content is the king, but how to make your content to be a king is a good question to study.
In my opinion, the reasons behind of most successful content are usually having clear purpose and tidy editorial calendar, especially some famous brand. Do they usually understand what is the objective of the content, like brand awareness? product noise in the market? Positioning in the industry? Once you have a clear purpose, you can ensure the perception is the same between the brand and audience, as well as to achieve your objective. In addition, content is not just for a short moment, it is for long-term and how to make your audience keep following and the ROI is talking in long-term, not short-term.
Choose the best content promotion & distribution channels may companies fail to consider. Marketing & Communications is the face pace working model. A lot of marketers need to deal with many marketing campaigns on hand, this may cause the marketers to easily ignore the important point that to choose the best content and channels for distribution. For example, some companies launch the same content on different channels that is not good for gaining better performance in the marketing campaign. It is because each channel has its targeting audience, interest and geo, etc. We cannot just feed the same content to different channels to limit the campaign performance. The best way is still to tailor-made the content for your targeting channels.
How important do you consider storytelling to be in creating an emotional connection between brands and consumers? Does any specific brand come to mind whose storytelling/content approach really had an impact on you as a consumer? 
No doubt that story-telling is the important elements in creating an emotional between brands and consumers. Just think like reading a storybook, or watching a movie, audience’s emotion was reflected by the storyline or scene.
I think Sony is one of the brands who are good at leveraging the story-telling as content marketing skills. They use a lot of photographer’s story to show how their product can help the photographers’ to get great photos. Also, in recent years, they use KOL or vloggers to show their product on the shooting part as well. On the other hand, the smart way they did that is to organise some competition as user-generated content for their marketing use.
Source: Pixabay
What inspired you to find your Mutsu Blog Itinerary? What is it about and are you still nurturing the blog?
I found my blog when I worked in a digital agency content marketing role. In the past, not many companies believed content marketing is the best long-term strategy for ROI, they normally focused on the paid advertising for ROI shortly. I found the blog has inspired this situation and tried to do my content marketing ideas on the blog based on my interest. The blog is talking about historical heritage site with travel and cultural tone expression. Now because I am quite busy on my job, so the blog just updated when I am free, but still keeping 1 month 1 blog.
Conan is the speaker at our upcoming Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Hong Kong 2019. To find out more about his presentation, please click here. 

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