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Ahead of the Digital Marketing Hong Kong Leaders Summit 2019, we had an interview with Prolog Leung, Seasoned Analytics Evangelist. Prolog is now establishing and leading a digital growth team in a top Asia retail company that aims to digitalise its Hong Kong Business through utilising digital innovation and data analytics.
Tell us a bit more about your background and how you became focused on business innovation and analytics
With the graduation of my first degree with statistics major, I have started my career in a renowned research agency and responsible for measurement science and data processing, which begins my life of data career. Followed then, I have worked in the digital environment in different industries and driving business growth at world-leading multinational companies for nearly 16 years.
In recent years, I mainly focus on translating the latest solution to solid business values in the retail industry. Apart from my work, I am passionate to share my experience in regional magazines and conferences. 
In terms of Martech integration, what stage is HK at and what do you think businesses need to do to advance?
I believe that Hong Kong is a good environment to further develop digitalisation. Young generation here has started to form start-up companies and offer digital consultant services. However, there is still room to crack barrier to adopting and trying new technology, especially in large-scale companies. While DMP is widely adopted in Singapore and China a few years ago, we are still in a growing stage with very few companies implemented the technology, so as to aggregate data from various sources. This is also my career mission to push the digital solution to be widely applied in different companies.
Why do you think so many companies struggle to implement a CRM strategy? In your opinion what are the main factors that act as an obstacle to success for organisations? 
Customer expectation has been changing and their demands on retail experience is no longer a simple process on just purchasing products. More and more retailers focus on engaging customers to offer a complete shopping journey to customers. 
‘Personalisation’ has been discussed in every customer-oriented companies for a few years. With the advancement of big data technology, we are now capable of managing large data volume to make immediate and personalised services towards customers.
Your talk will focus on ‘Leveraging digital CRM solution to hack business growth in an O2O retail model’ - what do you hope our delegates can take away from your presentation?
Hong Kong is complex city for the retail industry, with many challenges such as high rental and manpower cost. Retailers also have to serve both local and tourist customers with different needs. At the same time, due to the location benefit, citizens are ease to shop anywhere at any districts of the city, resulting in less intention to make an online purchase. However, we do observe that eCommerce and in-store digital experience has a significant growing trend in recent years. O+O business connecting offline and online is the key to convert offline customers and drive online purchase. 
In the coming event, I will share my solid experience from different roles. The content is practical and should be applicable to different industries. I hope our guests could start from the small scale of exercises and projects in their business from the hints that I will share in the event. See you all soon. 
Prolog is the special guest speaker at upcoming Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Hong Kong 2019. He will share his solid experience from different roles and the latest digital solution. To find out more, please click here.

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