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Ahead of our upcoming Forward Marketing Summit Sydney 2020, we’ve spoken to Australian Venue Co.’s Head of Digital, Marianne Mewett about ever-changing digital strategies, the increasing prominence of mobile commerce and her greatest challenges.

Want to hear more from Marianne? She's one of the many speakers at our upcoming Sydney summit on 26-27 February – see how you can be part of it here.

What have been some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in digital strategy over the year and what do you predict for the near future?

The biggest change I’ve seen over the last year is the rapid pace of strategic change. Ensuring you have a solid, but fluid strategy that can evolve as quickly as technology and consumers do. Gone are the days of quarterly strategic planning sessions and reviews. The world is changing more rapidly than ever, so channel plans and campaigns that seemed relevant 6 months ago, can become irrelevant before our eyes. It’s more important than ever to focus on real time listening capabilities to stay ahead of the game.

Looking in to the near future, the obvious focus in on how Ai and machine learning can help you achieve a more fluid approach to strategy and marketing in general, with a particular focus predictive analytics, to help us keep up!

What excites you the most about the increasing incorporation of mobile commerce as an eCommerce tool? 

Accessibility! Mobile consumers are more spontaneous, they don’t need to be at their desk to research and purchase. That’s both daunting and exciting at the same time. Businesses need to be more focused on ensuring their digital shopping and commerce experiences are accessible, seamless and built mobile-first.

With such rapidly changing technology, how does this pose a challenge on creating an effective digital marketing strategy? How do you overcome these challenges?

As mentioned above, businesses and marketers need to invest in tools and technology that provide real-time and predictive analytics. This rich data, along with the right data-led talent, will be the key to creating strategies that remain relevant and effective.

What are the main challenges to your role this year?

Automation with a human touch and feel has been a big challenge this year. We need to automate to grow and scale, without removing the local, hospitality feel we love our venues to have.

And time. Who doesn’t need more time in their day?! 

What do you hope our delegates can take away from your presentation at the upcoming Forward Marketing Summit in Sydney?

I would love for people to leave with renewed focus on mobile and the mobile customer journey and how really listening to customers, rather than making assumptions can be the key to success.

Want to hear more from Marianne? She's one of the many speakers at our upcoming Sydney summit on 26-27 February – see how you can be part of it here.

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