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Kurt Heiden is a specialist in corporate communications, business and brand development, and developer relations. His previous experience includes receiving industry recognition for sound design, chairing the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group, and working with audio brands and standards including DTS, Dolby, Auro, THX, MIDI, DXi, and more. Kurt has worked at Bose for over six years where he manages technical market-related solutions, develops specifications for software tools, conducts market analysis and research, and provides leadership on demonstrations for events and showrooms. After his presentation at Forward Leading’s **Digital Marketing Leaders Summit** in Boston last month, we talked to Kurt about his journey in marketing so far, his insights on working in the B2B industry and on content marketing. ##1) What have the key milestones in your brand's digital marketing journey been? Bose took a conservative approach to digital marketing, always monitoring trends before establishing new marketing methods. Establishing a social media presence was a huge milestone for us. Our relationships with Rory McIlroy and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and others are now communicated through our digital media channels in addition to traditional methods. ##2) How has the concept of 'data-driven marketing' evolved in your team? We started looking at the demographics of who was buying our products and realized we wanted to reach a wider group. Gathering data on brand awareness, where people were getting their information and applying new techniques of communicating our brand, combined with new products that are more accessible to people had a very positive impact for us. ##3) What is the best way, in your experience, to approach the 'attribution challenge' in the omni-channel age? For starters, one must decide if their analysis and models will come from an internal team or rely on them from a vendor. The quality of those models will likely impact their effectiveness, so companies need to make smart decisions on their sourcing. Be sure to factor in brand equity and its value in generating return customers as part of your analysis if you already have equity built in your brand. It might be helpful to develop a matrix that lets you apply a numeric value to your brand equity to balance out what your attribution models show. Attribution marketing is less common in our B2B automotive business because the touch points an OEM car manufacturer has aren’t always as obvious as they are with consumers. Usually the best information we have on that is seeing when competing products are chosen for a car model and trying to determine what factors (price, manufacturing issues, or others) made them choose that system. ##4) Is content the most powerful way to engage with prospects and customers? How do you see content marketing evolving as we get into 2020? Content is really important to the evolution of digital marketing. Product-focused marketing is taking a back seat for many companies, as the process of building a brand today is made more on an emotional level than on a features and benefits level. ##5) What are the new skills that you have had to develop to do your job effectively in the last few years? Our marketing team has had to adapt to explore new ways of communicating digitally, but also to reach larger numbers of people in new demographics for us. These skill adaptations include researching the viability of new technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for B2B sales, market intelligence research, and seeking out effective, new and unconventional ways of reaching the people we want to reach. Sign up to **[Leading Online](https://forwardleading.co.uk/leading-online)** and watch Kurt’s talk. Forward Leading Ltd. will be bringing the next **Digital Marketing Leaders Summit** to **Singapore** on **12 - 13 September 2018**, at the spectacular Marina Bay Sands. Find out more about this summit **[here](https://forwardleading.co.uk/summits/digital-marketing-leaders-singapore-2018)**

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