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For every brand, big or small, consumers perceptions are what determine their value in the marketplace. So to guarantee long term success, building brand value and communicating this value to your customers via your marketing, is key. 
One of the main factors that can benefit a strong brand, is brand equity. Companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have high brand equity which means they benefit from consumers being aware of their existence, reputation and products. These benefits can aid marketers who are looking to attract ‘mindful consumers’ wanting to buy from a high value brand. 
Mindful consumers are willing to buy products but are conscious of their value. Before purchasing a product or investing in a brand, they will consider factors including:
  • Research: 67% of a buyer’s journey happens online, meaning that before buying a product, a mindful consumer would have spent a good amount of time getting as much information as they can on the product
  • Social Proof: What evidence is there online that will support their decision to buy this product? This includes reviews, recommendations, social media engagement etc
  • Identity & Preference: Mindful consumers are conscious of whether their purchases match their personal brand
  • All of these factors show that the decision to purchase a product comes down to a lot more than the product itself.
Consumers are looking to form a bond with a high value brand. 

Below are the key essentials to communicating your brand value to consumers:

1.    Start from Within
To be valuable to your audience, your brand has to stand out. Strong brands offer the best in all their departments- ‘best customer satisfaction, happiest employees, most ground-breaking’. The customer experience is the base from which your marketing strategy can be built, strengthening your brand. 
2.    Target your Brand Message
Seth Godin states in his TED talk ‘How to get your ideas to spread’ that building value means finding an audience that would find your brand and products valuable. To do this, you have to identify the marketing channels that your target audience is on and tailor your brand message to that channel.
3.    Importance of Design
Design is the way that your brand visually communicates with the consumer. Having a visually strong brand will determine how valuable your brand is to a consumer. This can include how you use colours, font, images and packaging. 
4.    Make Your Content Valuable
Content is the most effective way to communicate the value of your brand. It helps build trust, allowing your audience to become loyal brand advocates. Content should be about quality for your audience and not quantity for your company. 
5.    Build Loyalty
Through consistent content that is engaging for your audience, you can keep audiences coming back to your brand, building brand loyalty. Your customers are your most valuable asset when it comes to strengthening your brand. In this digital era, where consumers are becoming increasingly mindful, having your customers on board will get you the brand awareness and equity that you need. 

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