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Ahead of our upcoming Forward Marketing Summit Sydney 2020 on 26-27 February, we’ve caught-up with Christopher Hatfield, Head of eBusiness, Nestlé to talk ecommerce, digital marketing strategies, his upcoming talk at our Sydney event and more.
Want to hear more from Christopher? He's one of the many speakers at our upcoming Sydney summit on 26-27 February – see how you can be part of it here.
What have been some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the use of eCommerce in the Australian FMCG industry over the past year? How has this benefitted the industry?
eCommerce continues to be a tremendous growth opportunity for FMCG. The number of online shoppers in Australia continues to rise. And not only in grocery channels, there has been an evolution in home delivery and click and collect options but also the emergence of pure play retailers and convenience on-demand services connecting delivery to door. The innovation presents a lot of opportunities for FMCG organisations to think differently, drive growth, reach new consumers and use data to evolve and customise relevant offerings.
What are the major developing eCommerce technologies that you are most excited about?
I am very excited on the technologies that can enable and add value to consumers’ lives. We are exploring different business cases in the use of blockchain with the launch of Chain of Origin (our subscription coffee store), which will allow customers and supply chain partners to track their products on the blockchain; from the farm all the way through to consumption. This will not only bring provenance visibility to coffee lovers but bring seasonal single origin fresh roasted coffee that delivers on taste. I am also thrilled on the next phase of customisation and personalisation in many of our categories either digitally or physically through connected devices, ecosystems and personalised vending.
What are the main challenges to your role this year?
Continually keeping pace with an ever-changing macro and technological environment, identifying the opportunities and ensuring the organisation is aligned and resourced to win. Then taking those innovative pilot ideas to scale.
What advice would you give to marketers and strategists looking to localise their digital marketing strategy?

Simply put, know your consumer, know your platforms, know your brand(s). Once defined how do these best connect to build engagement, drive advocacy and connect to purchase. Continually have a curious mindset to test, learn and evolve.
What do you think our delegates can take away from your participation in the upcoming Forward Marketing Summit in Sydney?
I always think it is important to take the opportunity to connect and share experiences with people that are trying to solve similar or different business challenges. I hope I can provide some relevant examples that others are maybe facing as they seek to drive change and accelerate growth. Understanding the ‘how’ is an important part of the journey we can all learn from as we all inspire to be better.
Want to hear more from Christopher? He's one of the many speakers at our upcoming Sydney summit on 26-27 February – see how you can be part of it here.

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