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As the month of October comes to a close, it is time to reflect on the latest news from the world of digital marketing. We have selected 6 articles to help you keep up to date with the field. Highlights include digital marketing, personalised customer experiences, omnichannel, as well as brands’ marketing push service in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.
Source: Pixabay
Micro-Influencers and Digital Marketing in Asia
Taking advantages of influencers in marketing is not unfamiliar anymore. East Asia and Southeast Asia are the number 1 and number 2 social media worldwide, with 1 billion cumulative users accessing social media platforms across both regions." Moreover, the population of Asian regions are very young, whose age under 30 took up to 50 per cent. Countries with a young population can be named as Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea. Influencers are very powerful in these regions because most micro-influencers tailor their content carefully, understand the reality of local data and importantly, tend to build a stronger intimate emotional connection. Micro-influencers can be found in some marketing agencies and social media platforms.  
Are Asian brands ready with Omnichannel? 
There is an increase in mobile phone and digital service preference in Southeast Asia. It expects that mobile audience across the region will increase by 300% by 2025. There is no denying that omnichannel marketing is an appealing strategy, which gives the customer more personalized experiences. Customer satisfaction is also likely to increase thanks to seamless experiences. Many businesses in South East Asia stated that they were confident in their omnichannel marketing capabilities, however, in reality, not all business adopt this technique correctly and successfully. In fact, these businesses are still struggling with handling a large amount of data, software platforms and technology. Businesses in Southeast Asia should have learnt to take action on omnichannel, as the strategy can be beneficial for both supply and demand sides in a mid-to-long-term journey.
APAC Market and How To Enhance Personalised Shopping Experiences
Nowadays, personalised experiences are favourable by many shoppers, as each customer has a unique preference. Delivering the best shopper experiences is a way to leverage the brand in the retail industry. There are some steps that brands can take follow to deliver to customers the best shopping experiences. Tracking the customer journey is the first vital step that can maximise and operational efficiencies across content stages. Following this step is creating an omnichannel experience, because influential offline and online touchpoints can deliver a satisfactory customer journey rather than just purely selling a product. Nice packaging can also play an important role in transmitting marketing message, as this can make products stand out on the store shelves. Last but not least, developing content is essential for every marketer, because ‘content is the king’. Meaningful and exciting content can catch customers’ attention resulting in stronger brand exposure. 
Hong Kong International Airport Is Digitally Transforming
Hong Kong International Airport has invested hugely in digital technologies to turn prime sites into an incredible experience for air passengers. The airport invested and expanded heavily on digital screens in terms of quantity, sizes and forms that innovatively compatible with the airport context. It is believed that these ways increase passengers’ engagement as well as building a strong media connection via technologies devices. Some examples of the new marketing expansion in Hong Kong International Airport can be dynamic digital panels in the arrival area, and a 270° Tri-Digital asset with high resolution located in the departure side. Although digital marketing requires a deep understanding of locations and the spaces within them, Hong Kong is shown to be the leader in the digitalization industry.  
Walmart Is Planning For The New Marketing Push
The retailer giant Walmart has spent some time to prepare for the new marketing ideas. The company is in talks with creative agencies. There is speculation that Walmart wants to refresh the brand and get rid of traditional marketing. A Walmart representative has stated "Across Walmart, we work with several agencies to provide support for our broad range of projects from time to time. It helps us gain valuable expertise in specific areas allowing us to create engaging campaigns that reach varying target audiences dependent upon the business or campaign.
TBWA Hong Kong launches ‘Design by Disruption’ service
An international advertising agency TBWA Hong Kong has launched its ‘Design by Disruption (DxD) service. The service is described as specializing in delivering the design as a business solution and differentiator. The representative of TBWA stated that they would hope the DxD service to serve the need in design excellence of start-ups and large corporations. Comprising of high aesthetic elements such as graphics, typography, illustration, UI/UX designs, motion graphics, the service can be more than just a visual execution, playing a major role in strengthening the brand identity. The team believed their functional design service is created to help the brand overcome challenges in competing with cultures and remaining relevant when it comes to communication and customer journey.  

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