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The latest news and think pieces on Digital Marketing from across the world, brought to you by Forward Leading Ltd.. Are you reading this article as a part of your research to move into digital marketing? Here’s a great article by BQLive on [how to make the career switch and what you need to do](http://www.bqlive.co.uk/national/2018/08/06/news/how-do-i-make-the-career-change-to-digital-marketing-33264/) - best of luck to any hopefuls out there! Are you an SEO expert? According to Michael Jenkins you need to [start learning about artificial intelligence](http://www.bandt.com.au/opinion/seo-experts-need-become-artificial-intelligence-ones) as well. Don’t worry - Jenkins doesn’t predict that AI will replace you! It might be a tool you’re currently missing out on. Not convinced that AI is the future of marketing? Clickz delves into [how AI will shake up the industry](https://www.clickz.com/heres-how-ai-is-set-to-transform-the-digital-marketing-landscape/216156/). Telemedia shares [what’s been the biggest digital marketing trends in 2018](https://www.telemediaonline.co.uk/digital-marketing-trends-2018/) so far. Can you guess what they are? If your company has been using influencer marketing, a common issue you will have faced is fake followers - some influencers pay for fake accounts to follow or provide engagement in order to boost their numbers. In late June, the CMO for Unilever declared the [brand were going to commit to more transparency in influencer marketing](https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2018/08/07/no-fake-followers-is-a-tricky-rallying-cry-for-influencer-marketing/#70d814f64951), including not working with influencers who buy followers. Whilst this policy may seem like a great idea, things aren’t that simple. The rise of chatbots isn’t stopping - there are now 30,000 chatbots active on Facebook Messenger. Some are speculating that as a result, email marketing will start to decline and potentially be replaced by chatbots. SocialMedia Today looks into the differences and if one will eclipse the other. View [here](https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/chatbots-vs-email-marketings-newest-rivalry/529397/ )

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