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Ahead of our upcoming Forward Marketing Summit Sydney 2020 on 26-27 February, we’ve spoken to Louise Cummins, Marketing & Digital Innovations Director at H&R Block about developments in the tax services industry, implementing data and technology into a digital marketing strategy and much more.

Want to hear more from Louise? She's one of the many speakers at our upcoming Sydney summit on 26-27 February – see how you can be part of it here.

What have been some of the biggest changes you have seen in marketing and digital strategy within the tax services industry over the past year? How has this benefitted the industry?

With the digitisation of the government we are seeing all the industry develop automation and technology quicker than ever before which makes the whole industry very exciting.
Not only did we drastically reduce our paper usage this year with our new systems but so too did our clients (no longer bringing in paper bills) – this has also resulted in improvements to the industry and less impact on our environment.
What are your top 5 main challenges faced when implementing data and technology into your marketing and digital strategy?
My top 5 challenges would be:
1. Making sure that we are choosing the right suppliers and solutions that will future proof ourselves as our business evolves – especially as we launch more online products.
2. For H&R Block, our top priority continues to be looking after the security of our client’s information so making sure we have solutions to adhere to our security protocols, so the supplier process does take more time.
3.Ensuring we get buy-in from our employees and our clients on the new technology – it doesn’t matter if it’s the best solution, without the people buy-in it won’t be successful.
4. Ensuring the reporting of all our systems marries up well to provide true business insights and can drill down to the right attribution modelling.
5. Balancing our time as a marketing team between focusing on the present (maximising success in current state) and future initiatives.
What are the main challenges to your role this year?
We have a lot of innovations in the pipeline so my biggest challenge is making sure we roll them out as seamlessly as possible.
What advice would you give to marketers and strategists looking to innovate their brand awareness methods?
Make sure that your agencies (or in-house resources) are adaptable and talk to each other so you can quickly change digital marketing activities that aren’t working and amplify those activities that are working. 
What do you think our delegates can take away from your participation in the upcoming Forward Marketing Summit in Sydney?
The biggest benefit will be to learn from people in similar positions to you – make sure you speak to other attendees, it’s amazing what you can learn from every interaction.

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