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With over ten years of experience in six countries, Fabio Tambosi is a global leader in marketing brand building. He’s worked with iconic brands such as IBM, Nokia and Nike, and also serves as a Board Member and an Adjunct Professor at the Clemson University’s Erwin Center for Brand Communications. Currently he is the founder of Tambosi | Creative Leadership, a company that focuses on working with business to create a future for their brand through consultancy, teaching, workshops and speaking engagements. He will be embarking on his new role as Senior Director of Brand Communications later this year. We caught up with Fabio after his presentation at Forward Leading’s Digital Marketing Leaders Summit in Boston for a quick fire interview on content marketing and its use to create new opportunities to engage with customers. ##What’s been a major evolution in marketing? Marketing has evolved from interruptions to connections and real relationships. It’s all about meaningful connections. ##How should brands adapt to change? The world shifted from desktop to mobile over the past 10 years, and during that time hyper-connectivity became a non-negotiable part of our lives. Today’s consumers live a digital life. We know they don’t trust brands, they trust people — they don’t want to make a purchase without a recommendation from a friend or someone else on the internet, so why not humanize your brand and start to build that trust between brand and consumer? ##What issues are marketers facing today? There’s a few things we know about today’s consumer that can help brands not only reach their community, but build an authentic connection with each of them, individually. We all know traditional marketing strategies are in constant evolution, but they can make brands lose touch and even push away the consumer. This is why, recently, brands are accelerating into another “digital transformation”. They want to prove they are still relevant and have the capabilities to prosper in an ever-changing digital landscape. But how can a brand be expected to authentically change when organizations are still looking at digital as a function, not as a way of working? ##What can markets do to overcome those issues? There is a clear gap between current ways of connecting and how the consumers live their lives. This is why it’s even more effective than a digital transformation to put the consumer at the heart of your strategies and plans. More than simply understanding the digital platforms, today’s marketing leader must be native to digital — approaching digital as a mindset within their daily habits as well as their brand strategies. Sign up to Leading Online and watch Fabio’s talk [here](https://forwardleading.co.uk/leading-online/the-future-of-content-marketing-is-now) and watch his panel [here](https://forwardleading.co.uk/leading-online/panel-discussion-growth-marketing) Forward Leading Ltd. will be bringing the next **[Digital Marketing Leaders Summit](https://forwardleading.co.uk/summits/digital-marketing-leaders-singapore-2018)** to Singapore on **12 - 13 September 2018**.

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