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Ahead of the Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Singapore 2019, we spoke to Adeline Tiah, an insights driven marketer working within telco and financial Services.
What compelled you to enter the marketing industry?
Marketing is an accidental career for me. I graduated with a degree in Economics & Statistics and my goal was to become an economist. But stumble upon a marketing role, gave it a shot and never looked back. My career break came at M1 where I was responsible for setting up the loyalty platform, launched the M1 Citi cobrand card - a first in the market, and launched many brand initiatives. Since then I have moved to the financial services industry. In my span of marketing career, I had held a wide spectrum of marketing roles, from branding, digital marketing to corp communications and Customer Proposition development.
What have been some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in marketing over the past five years?
One of the biggest changes is the consumers' purchase path (through different channels), fuelled by the rise of different media (technology platform). This means as marketers, we need to be more incisive in our marketing in terms of channels targeting as well as messaging. As a marketer, I have also seen my role evolved to be more data driven with a strong focus on performance marketing, with Martech, everything can be measured.
Why data-driven marketing is so important?

Trust is no longer built through brand advertising. Trust is built on customers' experience with the brand. Their experience is shared through social media, amongst friends and this influences purchase. This evolving consumers' landscape and explosion of data, marketers will need a more data driven approach in marketing. Marketers will need to know the pulse of the market (social listening, experience mgmt tracking, performance retargeting) to be more effective in omni channel targeting.
The sheer volume of data available to us makes it difficult for marketers to extract true value from it. What advice do you have for creating an effective data-driven marketing strategy to tackle these challenges?

Before we embark on any data driven campaigns, we will need to know the objective and what we want to achieve. Understanding the business strategy helps us focus and we need to constantly track, learn and refine the campaign. An effective data driven marketing is not achieved overnight and is done through many iterations.

As marketing technologies continue to evolve, what measures do you take to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape?

Very importantly, mindset. I always encouraged my team to keep learning and keep up with the latest marketing trends.
Have you tried out any new marketing strategies this year?

Yes, we embarked on several performance targeting campaigns. Each campaign is tracked by the week, keywords used, media targeting and we have to try various parameters to do back testing. 
What do you hope our delegates can takeaway from your presentation? 

3 key takeaways:
- Challenges in implementing the transformation roadmap
- Opportunities and how to get started
- Impacting topline sales with customer experience (with Big Data & AI)
Adeline Tiah will be presenting at the Digital Marketing Leaders Summit, which will take place in Singapore on September 11 & 12. Adeline will talk about the challenges & opportunities in transforming the customer experience with Big Data & Artificial Intelligence. You can find more details here.

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