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As November draws to a close, we've selected 4 of the best AI articles that hit have recently hit the news to help you stay on top of what's happening in the industry.
One of the Fathers of AI is Worried About Its Future
With predictions that the next arms race will centre around the development of artificial intelligence technology, one of the grand masters of artificial intelligence is speaking out. Yoshua Bengio is renowned for championing deep learning, a technique that has pushed AI to new limits. Bengio believes the world needs to stop discussions of an AI arms race and instead, make the technology more accessible to the developing world. Read Bengio’s interview here.

How to Teach Artificial Intelligence Some Common Sense
As developed as AI becomes, something scientists are struggling to teach this technology is simple common sense that we humans take for granted. For example, when asked to pour water we’d know to make sure there was a glass to catch the liquid first. AI will tend to receive the command and simply start pouring. Wired investigates the issue, following scientists and professors as they face the problem of common sense. 
Finally, a Machine That Can Finish Your Sentence
Whilst most humans are able to easily complete sentences using natural language, instinctively navigating which rules to follow, which to ignore in the moment, and understand the relationship between words, machines find this much more difficult. Whilst AI previously would fail an English test for computers, created by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Google recently unveiled a new system named Bert which answered the questions as well as humans. Read more about Bert here.    
Lexus Launches Ad Scripted Entirely Using Artificial Intelligence
Directed by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald, Lexus has premiered an advert entirely scripted by AI. The AI was trained with data from award-winning luxury ads, information about what connects with viewers and data on human intuition. The ad is dreamlike, emotional and an exciting example of what could become more mainstream.

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