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Phil Ingram is a marketing director with almost 30 years of experience in publishing, sales and marketing. Having worked for both start-ups and publicly traded global organisations alike, he has lived in places across the world from London to New York and now Hong Kong. 

His specialities are strategic marketing, digital and social marketing, operations and process management, people and performance management, strategic direction and strategy implementation.

We spoke to Phil ahead of his presentation at Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Hong Kong 2018 for a quick-fire Q&A on digital marketing successes and failures. 
Tell us about yourself and your role

I am charge of the entire marketing operation for remote lands – content, digital, social media, PR, events, consortia membership, and whatever else they can throw at me!

What social media mistakes should brands be avoiding?

Don’t broadcast; engage. No matter how many times people see this, they still seem to think you can pump out content in one direction.

How do you see digital marketing evolving over the next five years?

It’s all about the data – personalisation through automation. Also, really integrating your entire marketing stack for consistency across all the touch points is important. 

What are your predictions for the use and growth of video in marketing? How can companies effectively use video as part of their marketing campaign?

Tell great stories that resonate with the people you want to watch it. It could be an ‘about us’ video, ‘how to use’ video or ‘experiential’ - but use video where you can. Stats show video is one of the most powerful influencers in making decisions. Use it or lose it.

What forms of content marketing have you found to be the most successful?

The consistent kind. We are mainly image focused, but we are doing more and more video. We like content that can be repurposed for different formats and where possible is evergreen.
Phil Ingram will be presenting at the Digital Marketing Leaders Summit in Hong Kong on December 6 & 7 2018. His talk, ‘How Knowing the Steps Doesn't Mean Growing Your Brand’, will discuss what you should be doing beyond SEO and brand development to ensure you don’t miss out on marketing opportunities. 
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