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Ahead of the Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Singapore 2019, we talked to Manisha Seewal, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Carro. Manisha oversees the marketing functions in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Throughout her career, Manisha habe held several senior leadership marketing roles, helping to lead initiatives for companies such as Tokio Marine, Zurich Insurance, Aviva, HSBC and Great Eastern – just to name a few.
Have you tried out any new marketing strategies this year? If so, what were they and were they successful?
As a tech company, our marketing focus – unsurprisingly has been digital – however, over the past year we’ve tried many different approaches to diversify the way we reach our audiences. Through web channels, we’ve taken greater advantage of SEO tools and applied them to our branding. One of the key things we’ve done is to set up blogs as part of building-up our quantum marketing strategy. This is because content has power, and good ones helps you build credibility, especially when people are going online to find out more information about you. On social media, we’ve ventured into storytelling, as we found that following trends – instead of just pushing our product ads out – was more engaging. Today’s customers, especially millennials, are much less responsive when it comes to ‘traditional’ advertising, which has typically adopted generalised, blanket approaches. They want messages and content that are more personalised and see them as people who can truly benefit from our services.
Carro has just launched Singapore’s first ever car subscription service and continues to thrive in the age of digital. How else do you see Digital evolving over the next 5 years?
Today’s consumers are spoilt for choice with the wide array of products and services available out there; however, this has made it much harder for them to narrow down their choices to make more informed purchasing decisions. The next 5 years will offer more sophisticated and wider reaching online marketplaces. What this means for marketers is that they need to step up their engagement efforts by deconstructing their strategies to appeal to customers based on their personalised needs. To illustrate, a study by the Harris Poll in November 2018 found that more internet users worldwide will be using more subscription services over the next few years. Narrowing it down to Singapore, 38% of those polled said that they’d be keen on using such services. The launch of our subscription services therefore has very much to do with what digital consumers today want: flexibility, convenience and low commitment.
You will be talking about 'Disrupting Innovation: Changing the future of car ownership with Singapore's first "Netflix for Cars"at the Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Singapore 2019 this September. What are the key takeaways you hope the delegates can learn from your presentation?
Today’s highly digital environment has wholly transformed the consumer landscape. At the same time, it has facilitated the explosion of digital tools and initiatives that marketers can adopt to power their outreach efforts. However, this has created an ecosystem of congestion littered with tools that – on the outset – may be innovative but may not be applicable for all marketers. What I hope the delegates can learn from my presentation is to cut out redundancies and approach their engagements by understanding their customers’ core pain points. For Carro, our subscription services are borne of the insights we’ve gained from the sharing economy. We’ve tailored our marketing to talk about its benefits and how we’ve geared our services to define the future of car ownership. 
To find out more information about Manisha Seewal's presentation at the Digital Marketing Leaders Summit (September 11 & 12, Singapore), please visit website here.

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