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Ahead of the Brand Marketing Leaders Summit Singapore 2019, we spoke to Sharon Lewis, Director, Strategy & Marketing at Rebel & Soul. Sharon has over 15 years of digital marketing experice. She has worked on a multitude of transglobal marketing projects and produced award winning campaigns for local and international brands in APAC, EU and the UK. 
In what ways does Rebel & Soul "think differently” in order to create memorable brand experiences in comparison with other companies? 
Established in 2014, Rebel & Soul is a multi-award winning, socially-conscious APAC brand strategy and experience agency that think differently 'Rebel' to generate good 'Soul'. Carving out our own niche in the events industry, we apply our proprietary neuroscience based methodology INVOLVE to the event strategy, design and production process, creating positive brand experiences that are highly memorable. 
With activations in over 30 cities across 12 APAC countries, we're privileged work with some of the world’s leading brands and agencies including Heineken, HSBC, CNN, Chanel and Dentsu to deliver marketing experiences that connect with consumers at a subconscious level.
A unique part of the Rebel & Soul genetic make-up is our point of view on giving back to the global community. We are a socially conscious business with raiSE, and partner with Billion Bricks and B1G1. Whilst anyone can view the ongoing impact counter in real time on our website, last year alone we created 90,425 life enhancing memories for brands and 285,723 (just over three times what we did for brands) life enhancing memories for those in need - a beautiful balance of Rebel and Soul that we, as an agency always strive for.

How do you see Brand Marketing evolving over the next 5 years?
Obviously, technology and data are playing a huge role in how marketing is evolving as a whole, however there's also a huge emergence in purpose-led marketing and neuromarketing. 
I'm incredibly passionate about purpose and values-led companies and the impact it has across the board. EY and HBR brought out a research paper a few years back on 'The business case for purpose', and the impact it has on their ability to grow, innovate and transform. The results were pretty incredible. Just over one third of those surveyed prioritised purpose in their companies, and 60% of those saw a 10% growth within a three-year period. 
We're also big on neuroscience here at Rebel & Soul, and truly understanding what creates positive memories.  
Traditional marketing tries to influence consumer behaviour by targeting their conscious behaviour, however the latest Neuroscience and Neurotechnology research proves between 95 - 99.9% of consumer buying behaviour is subconscious. This is huge, and one of the reasons we're creating our own niche in the brand neuro space.

Have you noticed any key differences between marketing in Asia and Australia? 
I've only been in Singapore for one month, but the key three key differences that stand out for me so far are:
  • The pace of work is much, much slower. In Australia you would expect a response to an email within 24-48hrs, whereas in Asia it seems to be the norm that I need to chase people up for a response more than once. Even if it's for new business, which baffles me! 
  • The general vibe is very conservative. Creative ideas are definitely celebrated, but it seems to be only in small pockets and with select brands. Rather than having a culture of creativity. 
  • WhatsApp is the medium of choice for communication, for both business and pleasure. Whereas in Australia for business it's predominately email or calls, with WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger being used in personal life.
Sharon Lewis will be presenting at the Brand Marketing Leaders Summit, which will take place in Singapore on April 24 & 25. Sharon will talk about the process of launching a startup brand. You can find more details here.

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