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For those looking to improve your social media marketing skills, here’s our list of the top talks delivered by digital marketing leaders from the world's leading brands. These talks will give you some solid ideas, might make you rethink your social media strategy and reevaluate your goals and objectives.
1. How to Innovate and Scale Your Social Media
Devon West, Director, Marketing, Social Media & Video, Sephora
Social media driven marketing is showing no signs of stopping, with a rapidly increasing number of consumers basing their purchasing decisions on social media feeds. Devon West,  Director of Marketing, Social Media and Video, is a digital marketing leader with extensive experience in launching and scaling growth businesses and products. In this talk, she discussed:
  • Creating content and campaign strategies for both large and small scale marketing campaigns
  • How to differentiate your content and establish your own voice in an oversaturated industry
  • Developing consistent branding that registers with your audience
  • Crucial social development principles and models that businesses should use
2. Celebrity and Influencer Social Marketing
Ann Unger, Head of Digital & Social Marketing, PUMA

Ann Unger oversees Digital and Social Marketing at PUMA. She sits in Boston as part of the Global Marketing team and focuses on developing digital and social strategies to communicate PUMA's key products and campaigns. In addition, her team works on amplifying the brands' key partnerships with celebrities and influencers and live events. Having worked with stars such as Jay-Z, Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez, Ann breaks down case studies and statistics on how to effectively engage with stars and micro-influencers:


  • How to form true partnerships with influencers
  • How both brands and influencers can maintain an authentic voice
  • On creating experiences, not just campaigns
  • Persuading senior management teams to move away from traditional marketing
Earth Hour 2018 united millions of people across the globe to take action against climate change. So, how does one organisation bring together such a large audience under a common goal? At the Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Singapore 2018, Vanessa Lim Singh, Digital Engagement Specialist, shared case studies from their social media campaigns:
  • How to educate the public so they understand your cause
  • How to make global problems feel closer to home
  • How to unite people and encourage engagement
These talks were presented at Digital Marketing Leaders Summit hosted by Forward Leading. Our next summit will be taking place in Hong Kong on December 6 & 7, 2018, which features a track of Content and Social Media Marketing. Speakers of this track include: Mi Li (Head of Global Marketing, South China Morning Post), Peter Yu (Chief Marketing Officer, Multek), Ayu Razumova (Global Lead, Web, E-commerce & Digital Technology, TCL Communications). For more information, visit the summit website here.

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